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Hummingbird Garden


Outdoor Kitchen

The Sonoran Desert is teaming with these colorful tiny birds. They are attracked to funnel shaped flowers, which is why they have the long narrow beak. Flowers on the Desert lavender, Slipper Plant, Orange Bulbine and Penstemons are an example of the plants which could be designed into your landscape to attrack hummingbirds. A seating area surrounded by some of these plants will provide a place filled with relaxation and sights to sooth the senses.

Cooking in the kitchen can be an issue at times when you are heating up the house as you are trying to cool it during the summer. Enhance your landscape with an outdoor kitchen and move the additional heat outside. Enjoy the family in the pool as you cook dinner. Pull up a stool the outdoor eating area and share time with family and friends.

Cactus & Succulent Garden

One question seems to always come up. What can I grow with no maintenance? Well the answer would be nothing. But as close to nothing is a garden filled with cacti and succulants. No pruning. Minimum clean up. Very little water. Life is good. With all the varieties that bloom that are available you could have a bright colorful garden with very little effort. You would just need to have good planning and patience.

Native Habitat Garden

The Sonoran Desert is filled with some amazing plants and trees. With very little effort you could continue the Native Habitat into your landscape. Planting some Yuccas, Mesquites, Agaves and wildflowers would provide a great compliment to want is beyond the fence. Do not forget to add some native flowers and some rocks for accents.

Wildflower Garden

Brittle Bush, Penstemons, and more grow in the Sonoran Desert wild on very little water or care. With proper thought put into the design you can achieve a spectacular scene in your landscape with native plant material. Of course by doing this you will attrack the native wild life also. Nice!

Vegetable Garden

Summer greens such as Yard long beans or Melokhia or Malabar can be grown very easily in a properly designed vegetable garden area. Along with lettuces, radish, basil, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, etc. They can be grown for your own kitchen and table. Proper design and care could provide you with a bountiful harvest.

Sports Area

Golfer? Not a problem. Add a putting green in the Outdoor Living Space to practice on. Maybe bench so others can watch. Even a small sand trap and a chipping area could be added depending on the size of the space. Artificial turf in these areas provides green "grass" year round and you don't need to buy a mower.

Butterfly Garden

Surround a patio or a seating area with Penstemons or Daisys or Gura and watch as the Butterflys stop off for a drink of nectar. They are seasonal and will not stay long in the landscape but watching them take a moment in their journey is a treasure to enjoy.

Song Bird Garden

Siting outside in the early morning watching the sunrise with your first cup of coffee provides a peaceful start to the day. Having the plants and trees in the landscape which attracks birds such as Quail, Verdins, Finchs amoung others will enhance the morning relaxation time.

Shaded Garden

Shaded Garden? That is correct. There are quite a few desert plants that grow better if they are provided some afternoon shade. Some Agaves and the Aloes want some relief from the intense sun. Now with some planning the plant material you desire wont burn. Rather it is a tree or tall shrub or a structure the shade can be accomplished.


Pools, children, cactus....yikes. No wait, the cactus has to go. The area around your pool should be designed to be safe and fun rather than restrictive. There are succulants that have no thorns. The use of plants which will not make a mess in the pool is a must. Most of all you want to have a kid friendly pool environment.

Design of your Outdoor Living Space

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