Estrella Owner Services

  Landscape Design, Installation and Maintenance for Your Outdoor Living Space

Planning Your Outdoor Living Space

You have decided to improve your Outdoor Living Space, Estrella Owner Services will help you get from the dream to reality. From the Design Phase which includes the Concept and Design to Intallation to Maintenance, we are here to assist you. All phases are important but the Concept Phase is the most important because this is the time to dream. Let your imatination go wild!! During th Discovery Session share your ideas with the designer  so the dreams can move towards reality. As you will discover reality comes quickly, wheather it is yard size, existing site conditions, or budget restrictions. We are here to assist you in obtaining your dreams. Now let's get started.

  • Discovery Session with client and EOS kicks of the concept design.
  • Now is the time to dream of everything you want, with no budget, that comes later
  • Samples: pool, BBQ, pizza oven, water feature, play structure, hot tub, patio, etc.
  • Concept drawings are prepared based upon the wish list and Discovery Session
  • Depending on the nature of the area being improved two drawings are prepared
  • Client reviews concept drawings. A final drawing is prepared.
  • Final concept drawing is used to determine preliminary cost estimate.


  • Visits to determine plant material, gravel, boulder and amenities are accomplished.
  • Final Concept Drawing is submitted to HOA for review, comment and review.
  • Construction Documents (CDs) are prepared based on client and HOA approval.
  • CDs could include: planting, irrigation, lighting, utility, hardscape, amenity plans.
  • CDs are submitted to client for review, comment and approval.
  • CDs are submitted for agency (City) processing until plans are approved and permits are ready for issuance. (If required)
  • CDs are submitted to client and HOA for record keeping.
  • CDs are submitted to construction team for final cost estimate and installation scheduling.
  • Removal of existing site features, if required.
  • Perform grading and drainage work.
  • Underground facilities installed (Gas, irrigation, electrical)
  • Pool is constructed, if required.
  • Walls constructed.
  • Boulders placed on site.
  • Top soil for mounding or turf placed.
  • Trees planted.
  • Concrete hardscape or pavers installed. (patio, walkways)
  • Irrigation main Poly line is installed and surface marked.
  • Patio cover constructed.
  • Amenity installation (BBQ, play structure, etc.)
  • Plant material installed.
  • Lighting system install with vuried wires surface marked.
  • Drip system install from Poly line to plants and pots.
  • Granite place on site.
  • Personal Yard Space Handbook provided to client.
  • Newly planted trees, shrubs, succulents, cacti, etc. should be inspected every week for the first two months to ensure plant health. After the two month period the plants should be inspected during the monthly service visit.
  • Irrigation system should be inspected every week for the first month to ensure proper working order of the drip emitters. After the first month, system should be inpsected during the monthly service visit.
  • Maintenance of plant material should have initial service during the second week after completion of installatin. Should continure on a monthly basis moving forward.

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