Estrella Owner Services

  Landscape Design, Installation and Maintenance for Your Outdoor Living Space

Services Provided

Design Services

  • Community Services Assistance
  • Understanding the Community Guidelines
  • Landscape Modification Plans
  • Home Modification Plans
  • Outdoor Living Space Planning
  • Landscape Plans for front and rear yards
  • Design Plans for Patio Structures
  • Design Plans for Outdoor Kitchens
  • Plans for Re-modeling yards
  • Home Re-model plans
  • New Home plans
  • New Home Landscape Designs, Front & Back

Installation Services

  • New Landscape Installations
  • Existing Landscape Modifications
  • Assemble Installation Team
  • Acquire Construction Cost Estimates
  • Acquire Construction Time Lines
  • Manage Construction Team

Design and Construction Consultants


  • Custom Home Builders are researched and vetted for each project
  • Design Studio AR - Custom Home Designer

Recommended Vendors and Suppliers

  • Jackrabbit Nursery - Local plant and tree material
  • Phoenix Precast - Variety of precast concrete pots and landscape features
  • Tree Pros - Certified Arborist and Tree Maintenance Specialists

Tree Pruning Information

Most people do not understand there is a correct way to prune trees. The tree on the left is a Palo Verde which has been un-pruned for over a year. The only maintenance is to keep to HOA standards of 8 feet of clearance above the sidewalk. If left to continue to grow the branches will damage the tiles on the roof and branches could break off during windy days. One day later the Arborist directed the pruning crew to provide the tree with a "crown thinning" style of pruning. As you can see the tree has retained the same size just been thinned out to keep the beauty and structure of the tree. A year from now the Arborist recommends a "crown reduction" pruning to reduce the overall height of the tree. Proper pruning directed by an Arborist will protect the health of the tree for years to come. A "gardener" may not even know what the proper care is. He will just prune the tree in any manner he sees fit.